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Dylann Roof Doesn't Testify in Death Penalty Trial

Roof on Tuesday said he was not sure if seeking a life sentence instead of a death sentence would have a "good" effect. Roof then quickly rested his case Monday at the federal courthouse in Charleston. According to assistant United States attorney Jay Richardson, Dylann attacked the 12 churchgoers with a "hateful heart". He was welcomed into the Bible study group and sat with them for more than 30 minutes before opening fire with a Glock.45-caliber pistol, releasing nearly 70 rounds.

Watch Donald Trump Likely Get Certified As President

Some Democratic House members attempted to object to some states Electoral College votes to protest the election results. The first circuit-breaker is the Electoral College itself. Once the election results had been announced, Biden pounded the gavel and the joint session of Congress was dissolved. Edward B. Foley of the Moritz College of Law at Ohio State University, an expert in election law and author of Ballot Battles: The History of Disputed Elections in the United States .


Oldest Known Orca J2 Granny Considered Dead

Helping to guide her pod for more than 40 years, Granny is one of the only whales in the region to be born before the study began. While her precise age is relatively unknown, many observers believe her to have been over 100 years old. As salmon runs have diminished, thanks largely to dams and other development projects, so have Southern Resident killer whale numbers. As of December 31, the total population is estimated at 78, including 24 orcas in Puget Sound's J pod and a wandering whale ...

SpaceX Falcon 9 cleared for flight after investigation

The company says it has identified all of the "credible causes" that may have been responsible for this combustible interplay of materials, and corrective actions have been taken to make sure the same accident doesn't happen again. "The failure was likely due to the accumulation of oxygen between the COPV [Composite Overwrapped Pressure Vessel] liner and overwrap in a void or a buckle in the liner, leading to ignition and the subsequent failure of the COPV", the statement said.

Apple starts selling refurbished Watches online

Both the Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2 are discounted to a certain extent. And as some are in the attitude of giving this Christmas, make sure to get a glimpse of the refurbished products offered in the Apple online store. If in case you are planning to buy them, then head over to Apple's website to get yours. The availability of the Apple Watch in the company's refurbished store underlines the company's commitment to reselling mobile products.