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Western Michigan football team captures MAC Conference title

The 2016 season has been historic for the WMU football program. After taking almost six minutes off the clock, the drive finally stalled, and Hampton came on for his fifth field goal of the game, a MAC Championship Game record. Ohio's Frank Solich is the NCAA's fourth-longest tenured head coach. Western Michigan was ranked No. 17 in this week's CFP release. The Bobcats are statistically better on the defensive side of the ball ranking one spot ahead of Western Michigan at No.


AI Powered Google Translate Can Translate Languages It's Never Trained On

The translation process of a Neural Machine Translation engine follows the same sequence of operations as a rule-based engine, however, the nature of the operations, and the objects manipulated are completely different. Currently, the tool is available to translate eight commonly used languages such as Japanese, Korean, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, and Turkish to English language -- hoping to do the same for 103 other languages.