My strong support for net neutrality

Inslee, a Democrat, signed the law protecting Net-neutrality rules within the state on Monday.

"We won't let the Trump-led FCC dismantle our right to a free and open internet, and we won't let them create a system where internet providers can favour websites and services based on who pays more money".

"The fight for net neutrality is the fight for civil liberties, and a more vibrant culture", Candace Martin, commercial counsel at Kickstarter, said in a statement.

Gov. Jay Inslee has signed a bill making Washington the first state to set up its own net-neutrality requirements in response to the Federal Communications Commission's recent repeal of Obama-era rules. "We know that when D.C. fails to act, Washington state has to do so", according to Gov. Inslee, who steps in on a long and proud tradition of states defying D.C. on various undertakings they don't agree with.

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This crusade should continue until sense is restored at the Federal Communications Commission, which voted in December to rescind its 2015 net neutrality rules, including the classification of broadband as an essential utility.

Washington's new law, House Bill 2282, protects those net neutrality rules at the state level, ensuring that internet providers can not advantageously manipulate internet speeds and access to content.

The law essentially reproduces the FCC's net neutrality policy that went into effect in 2015.

The FCC is also preparing for lawsuits over its initial repeal of net neutrality, which triggered Washington state to pass its own legislation.

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The new law forbids broadband companies in Washington from blocking or slowing lawful internet traffic or selling fast lanes at a premium. It will also prevent the slowing down of connection speeds, also known as throttling, as well as paid prioritization, where ISPs favor certain traffic that's beneficial to them. Oregon's house and senate have passed a similar measure, and Governor Kate Brown is expected to approve it. State attorneys general have sued to overturn the FCC's new rules.

"We feel very confident in our position", Inslee said.

Cantwell said repeal is a longshot, but the effort is important to educate colleagues in Congress and the public "about how devastating this can be to the economy". The FCC's net neutrality repeal, however, isn't exactly a federal law, but a regulation from a federal agency.

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