Bitter cold Siberian weather with snow could engulf Ireland in coming days

'These will also be accompanied by bitterly cold temperatures, and a significant wind chill.

Councillor Richard Davies, Executive Member for Highways and Transport at Lincolnshire County Council, said: "During the day, temperatures will struggle to rise above 0 and in the wind will feel like -4 or -5".

It's as if someone opened the freezer door in North America's kitchen, and let all the cold air drain out toward the midlatitudes.

UK Met Office spokesman Oli Claydon said: "There is a very big, very cold pool of air that circulates around the North Pole - sudden stratospheric warming, as it says on the tin, is when the stratosphere suddenly warms", he said.

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"Disruptive snow showers are expected from Tuesday onwards, particularly in the east and southeast", it said.

The Met Office Chief Forecaster's assessment adds: "There is a lot of uncertainty in the extent and timing of snow during Tuesday". There's also the possibility of streamer development where a constant line of showers develop say at the southern tip of The Isle of Man and dump large quantities of snow in a narrow area.

After a frosty start, a dry day with sunny spells is expected.

For the rest of the week, temperatures will remain cold but will rise above freezing for the rest of the week.

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"Sunday night will be dry and clear in mostly light easterly breezes".

Overnight, there will be severe frost and the risk of snow showers along the northern and eastern coasts - reaching lows of -2C to -4C.

By the end of this long-lasting cold snap, much of Europe will be blanketed in a deep snow cover just as spring begins to set in. There will be some further sleet and snow, but it doesn't look to be extensive.

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