Google Search app's latest Beta allows users to edit and share screenshots

Over the weekend, they actually began rolling out a screenshot-related update, it's just that it's only available in the Google App and it isn't scrolling capture. The official Google Pay app can be downloaded via the Play Store, albeit only in select regions. However, the company clearly plans to integrate Google Wallet's money transfer functionality into Google Pay - the blog post mentions that customers in the United States and the UK "will be able to use it to send and request money within the next few months". It aims at making the checkout process easier for users while making payments on Android devices.

The new app in available in the Google Play store. Rather than process payments, the Google Pay API will pass the credentials to a payments processor such as Braintree or Stripe. The "Cards" half packs your credit cards, debit cards, loyalty cards, offers and gift cards.

And again, this only works within the Google App, so if you are in Chrome, you won't see these tools. Google's renamed Google Wallet to Google Pay Send to indicate that it's been brought into the Pay brand.

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Some users (as you can see above) are being prompted to turn the feature on when in the Google App. The app can also be used to pay for transit in select cities, such as Kiev, Portland, and London, with more cities to be supported soon.

Longtime Android Pay fans, fear not: the features you love aren't going away. The Pay with Google API, which allows easier payment data input, is also bundled into Google Pay.

But the feature is not here yet; Google Pay merely lays the foundation.

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Unveiled in a blog post on Monday, Google Pay will offer all the functionalities that you have come to expect from Android Pay or Google Wallet. If you're a developer, you can work with our processor partners and find all the tools you need on our developer site.

Google Pay will join an already crowded market, competing with the likes of Apple Pay/Apple Pay Cash, PayPal, Venmo, Gyft, eWallet, and many more.

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