Cornell Fraternity Disciplined for 'Pig Roast' Sex Contest

For the contest, which took place a year ago, members earned points for each woman they had sex with, according to The Cornell Sun.

IFC Executive Vice President Luke Bianco told Metro, "The members of this institution, both those who participated in this practice and those who simply stood by and did nothing, are widely recognized as problematic", stating that the IFC recognizes "the advantage in maintaining their [ZBT] chapter in order to efficiently manage the distribution of training with regards to sexual violence prevention".

The Zeta Beta Tau fraternity at Cornell University has been placed on probation after the school learned of a competition where " new members could accumulate "points" by engaging in sexual intercourse with women", the student-run Cornell Daily Sun reported.

The post says the chapter will review its membership and expel anyone not meeting its standards.

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The new members were told not to tell the women about the contest.

Yet in an 'interesting' kick to the sex contest, at the end of the competition, in the event there was a tie, the victor would be decided by the pledge who had sex with the heaviest woman.

The fraternity chapter has been put on a two-year probation, and the Ivy League university and the frat's national office denounced the game, which was the latest example of a Greek organization behaving badly. The brothers were made aware of the allegations in December before a hearing with the review board.

The fraternity said in a statement that the contest was not part of "chapter sanctioned activities nor ones that brothers were aware of", the Daily Sun reported.

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"Behavior that degrades and dehumanizes women contributes to a climate and culture of tolerance for sexual violence", Lombardi said.

Fraternity brothers deemed the competition, which took place in 2017, a "pig roast", and awarded points based on members having sex with women.

The group was in the process of organizing "multiple educational programs on the topics of healthy relationships and a variety of education that will positively impact our entire brotherhood".

Zeta Beta Tau was founded in 1898 and has chapters across the USA and Canada.

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The release also said that the "allegations described are contrary to the values that Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity espouses and works in direct conflict with the beliefs and missions of the Kappa Chapter". Those programs will also be offered to the campus community at large.