Michelle Obama tells Ellen to 'forget what they're saying in Washington'

In her first televised interview since leaving the White House last January, former first lady Michelle Obama was greeted with a prolonged standing ovation while joining Ellen DeGeneres as the host gushed to her audience, "Don't you miss her?"

To be honest, I felt a little, teeny tiny bit bad for Melania when the first thing she did at the White House was make a faux pas.

After hostess Ellen DeGeneres noted that she felt "frightened" and that "the world is a very scary place right now", Ms Obama encouraged viewers to focus on positive daily interactions and to "forget what they're saying in Washington". And that's the truth of who we are.

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Michelle Obama was clearly surprised by the gift and unsure of what to do with it after she received it.

"Then my husband came and saved the day", she added, revealing Barack simply took the box inside so she didn't have to hold it for the photos. "We can't lost sight of that", she said. "So, when the transfer was happening, when Donald Trump and his wife were moving into the White House, there was a gift exchange", DeGeneres says. "I mean, we are this mosh pit of society and sometimes there's a rub". "Sorry", she said, asserting that she took most of the closet space in the new house. She also explained her reaction after receiving the gift.

While American politics were often acrimonious and bitterly divided under Mr Obama's tenure, Ms Obama said she was nevertheless impressed by the redeeming features of average Americans.

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Obama supporters, distraught over Trump's presidential win, were enthused that the moment appeared to be a slight against the new first lady. "Never before do you get this gift, so I'm sort of like OK", she said.

Her youngest daughter Sasha, meanwhile, scored a multi-room suite. "He grabbed the box and took it back inside".

"I don't need it", joked Obama, who famously won a pushup contest against DeGeneres during her first appearance on the show in 2008, "so I don't know how it works".

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. Obama came bearing gifts, including wine and a Barack Obama chia pet.