Michigan State University Is Being Investigated After Larry Nassar's Sentencing

He said he was "brought to tears" as he listened to Nassar's victims during his sentencing on Tuesday.

All this amid the verdicts against former Michigan State and United States Olympic gymnastics Dr. Larry Nassar. In that case, he pleaded guilty to assaulting three girls at Twistars, a gymnastics club.

A school spokesman says Thomashow was told the investigation had resulted in recommended policy changes at the Sports Medicine clinic where Nassar worked.

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder is considering whether to launch an inquiry into Michigan State University. The OIE handles Title IX investigations into cases involving relationship violence and sexual assault allegations.

On Thursday, Outside the Lines reported that MSU officials in 2014 did not notify federal officials that the university had dual Title IX and campus police investigations of Nassar under way even though federal investigators were on campus that year scrutinizing how MSU dealt with sexual assault allegations.

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"And the victims and other supporters - because it touches everybody in a different way".

Dantonio said that he has handled every complaint of sexual assault appropriately.

Izzo, meanwhile, did not go as in depth when it comes to the allegations against Michigan State's men's basketball program.

The four sexual assault allegations run countercurrent to what Dantonio said in June when he discussed the two sexual assault cases opened against four of his players.

The board of trustees - which originally held a vote of confidence to keep President Lou Anna K. Simon before she resigned Wednesday night amid widespread pressure - asked that Schuette appoint an independent special prosecutor because of the potentially political undertones the investigation could take on given his 2018 run for MI governor. That was followed by Hollis' retirement on Friday. Many victims accused the university of mishandling past complaints about Nassar, who also is accused of molesting Olympians and other young gymnasts while working for USA Gymnastics.

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MSU on Friday named its vice president, Bill Beekman, to serve as acting president.

But the women also showed remarkable resolve and bravery, staring down Nassar in court and calling out the systems of power that protected him for more than two decades. The litigation is mostly centered in federal court in western MI, although there are some cases in California.

Nassar was a Michigan State sports physician from 1997 to 2016. He said the focus of MSU needs to change from lawsuits to helping victims heal. Simon previously said that a defense is required by Michigan State's insurers.

Choosing to come out publicly against Nassar on the second day of victim statements, Marie Anderson testified the doctor sexually assaulted her during an appointment when she was 15. U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is also investigating the scandal.

Still, every USA Gymnastics board member, every gymnastics staff member and coach should be investigated to determine not just what they knew and when they knew it, but whether they aided and abetted Nassar. USA Gymnastics issued a statement in response, supporting an investigation and accepting "the absolute need of the Olympic family to promote a safe environment for all of our athletes".

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The entire board of the US Gymanstics Association has resigned as a result of their prior knowledge of the abuse.