Trump and 'Cryin' Chuck Schumer' are arguing on Twitter again

We are not enthusiastic about the larger amnesty, which is a significant political concession and will present a real administrative challenge to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. The Trump White House seems to have made that error, establishing 1.8 million "Dreamers" as a new anchor, a new minimum target for amnesty. The plan seeks to eliminate so-called chain migration (family-based migration).

"The Administration's anti-immigrant framework is an act of staggering cowardice which attempts to hold the DREAMers hostage to a hateful anti-immigrant scheme", she wrote in a statement Friday.

The temptation of seeing almost two million illegal immigrants become citizens, while four million immigrants remain eligible to enter via chain migration (Trump's proposal limits chain migration but does not affect those already in the queue), may tempt some non-Red State Democrats to defect. Trump himself wouldn't be in the country if his German grandfather, who spoke little English, hadn't came to the United States at the age of 16 in 1885 to join his older sister.

"It's a fantastic proposal that's a good way to start a negotiation", said Vlad Davidiuk, Communications Director for the Harris County Republican Party.

The erosion of Democratic support for the shutdown that caused Schumer to cave suggests there are additional Senate Dems who might be willing to buck Schumer this time, when push comes to shove.

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"He is pushing for a fair system", Knight said.

"I do not believe we should be granting a path to citizenship to anybody here illegally", said Texas Sen.

Democrats, meanwhile, criticized such proposals as funding for the border wall and the limitation of family sponsorships to immediate family members.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R) of OH said he supports a more conservative, more sweeping immigration bill proposed by House members, including House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R) of Virginia which has won strong support from House conservatives. The diversity visa lottery would also be abolished, though the visas would be reallocated so that the backlog of people already waiting for family visas and high-skilled immigration green cards would be processed.

"If it doesn't, we'll be back in the same situation a few years from now", Gerber added.

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I included that final paragraph to point out that there are parts of this offer that Democrats will find unacceptable, but some of Trump's supporters find his support for any form of amnesty equally unacceptable. He said he would work with "colleagues and this administration on reaching a consensus that both sides of the aisle can agree on".

Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) of New Mexico, who chairs the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, said the White House was using DACA recipients "as bargaining chips for sweeping anti-immigrant policies". "We are going to solve the Daca problem".

"These are people that have very strong opinions on DACA and on immigration generally, and I happen to think they're largely right", Trump told host Joe Kernen. Beginning March 5, about 1,000 people a day will lose their protection from deportation, according to their report.

How about letting the Dreamers come up with the money to pay for the wall?

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