YouTube Gets Stricter with Content Creators

For example, in the new guidelines, Google requires new YouTube channels to gain at least a thousand subscribers and a total of 4,000 hours of watch time from the past year. Creators who start to grow audiences on YouTube have always been able to join the YouTube Partner Program to monetize their videos through advertising.

The new rules go into effect on February 20, and channels that don't have the numbers won't be able to make money from YouTube ads. "In 2018, a major focus for everyone at YouTube is protecting our creator ecosystem and ensuring your revenue is more stable". Google says 99% of channels below the new threshold were making less than $100 per year in ad revenue, so it's not taking away someone's livelihood with this move. Under the new plan, previously reported by Bloomberg, Google Preferred ads will now only run on videos that have been human verified as brand safe.

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Now, some of these changes have come to light, courtesy of a blog post from Google.

The change comes after a backlash over a video showing the YouTuber Logan Paul fooling around by the corpse of a suicide victim.

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Until recently, there has been no real control as to which videos the companies can place their advertisements on based on the videos' actual content, resulting in the placement of otherwise wholesome product endorsements and government ads to videos with inappropriate content such as extremist videos or those that display highly sensitive issues such as suicide. Paul's actions drew widespread condemnation for both himself and YouTube. Furthermore, vloggers like Logan Paul and PewDiePie, though with a significantly less celebrity breed, still lurk around with their harmful politics - and YouTube still continues to amplifying their voices.

Our recent changes to the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) are created to curb bad actors, stabilize creator revenue and provide greater assurances to advertisers around where their ads are placed. From now onwards YouTube will be inflicting much strict criteria for the kind of videos, which can earn money within the site and will be introducing a new vetting process for the high-quality videos it proposes advertisers, as said by the company in a statement on Tuesday. "We'll be working to schedule conversations with our creators in the months ahead so we can hear your thoughts and ideas and what more we can do to tackle that challenge", said YouTube.

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