Facebook selfie helps Canadian Police to crack a murder case

Brittney Gargol, with auburn hair draped across her shoulder, produces an upturned smirk. She was later sentenced to seven years of imprisonment on Monday.

CBC reports 21-year-old Cheyenne Rose Antoine pleaded guilty to killing 18-year-old Brittney Gargol in 2015.

A minor detail in the photo also showed the belt that was found near Gargol's body. She claims she doesn't remember it happening, but once the police put two and two together, she knew it was time to make a deal with the prosecutors.

She later said that two strangers from Toronto murdered Gargol, and held a gun to her head; however, her stories did not come through as there was no CCTV footage of them going to the mentioned bar, neither was there an alibi which could confirm her story. She also allegedly told authorities Gargol went home with an unidentified man after they spent most of the night barhopping. She threatened the officer with a needle that she claimed was contaminated with the HIV virus.

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In other cases, murderers may use public info on Facebook to collect information about potential victims, or lure them into a trap, sometimes even creating fake profiles to befriend their potential victim.

Watson said her client acknowledged the problems she's had, noting Antoine has already applied for several addiction assistance programs and is working on a high school diploma. Haven't heard from you. That post was on Facebook only a few hours before Gargol's death. The now convicted killer said she hit Gargol and then strangled her with the belt.

The photo of Antoine's belt proved to be a cornerstone of the prosecution's evidence. "It shouldn't have ever happened", she told the court in a statement read out by her lawyer. "It's wrong and shouldn't have happened".

In March 2015, Cheyenne Rose Antoine posted a selfie with her BFF Brittney Gargol.

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Gargol's father, Everett Hillbom, said in a statement that he was angry and sad that Gargol's life was cut short.

This put her on the radar of investigators, who found the selfie, and eventually arrested her past year.

"You were her friend". By 2020, the company estimates there will be roughly three smart devices for every person on the planet. "She trusted you", Wickenhauser said. Police later learned the alarm was triggered by his own key fob, and an email he claimed to send to his boss from the auto was tied to an IP address associated with his home, The Post's Jouvenal reported.

The emergence of social media has changed almost everything from the way we develop friendships to the way products are marketed.

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But the insidious crime appeared to eat away at Antoine and she confessed to a friend she killed her friend after an argument.