Erica Garner, daughter of police chokehold victim, dies in Brooklyn

Garner died almost one week after suffering a massive heart attack on Christmas Eve.

Erica Garner, who became a nationally-known activist against police abuse following her father's death after he was put in a police chokehold, has died following a recent heart attack, her official Twitter site confirmed.

Among her survivors are two children, a daughter Alyssa and a four-month-old son, Eric; her mother, Esaw Snipes; and her siblings, Emerald Garner, Eric Snipes, Emery Snipes; and a half-sister, Legacy Garner-Miller. News of her hospitalization and Saturday passing prompted an outpouring of support from high profile progressive activists and politicians, including Vermont Sen.

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Garner's father, Eric, died in July 2014 after being placed in a chokehold by a New York Police Department officer. Protesters across the country repeated her father's final words: "I can't breathe".

Garner was the daughter of NYPD chokehold victim Eric Garner, whose death fueled the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement. She also set up the Garner Way Foundation in her father's honor, which she said she would use to "fight to engage communities all over the world in this struggle through, political awareness, music, arts, and community activism". The friend running her Twitter account posted she had suffered brain damage.

"I feel like a representative for people throughout this whole nation because I'm doing this". I am petitioning God for her family, who have just experienced to such an extent.

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When you were her friend, you her friend through all adversity. Her family doesn't merit this. All the same, the family was praying for miracles and asked the public to do the same. "This city will miss her unshakable sense of justice and passion for humanity", he said. "Erica had to fight for justice". Her father didn't deserve this. All this for being Black in America.

"In the event that anything she would need us to do in memory of her is continue battling for equity and continue battling for families", he said.

Rev. Al Sharpton made a similar point in lauding Erica Garner as a "warrior to the end" in her fight for justice on Saturday morning at a meeting with the National Action Network.

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She had been in a coma since 23 December after suffering a heart attack triggered by an asthma attack. "Her heart was attacked by a system that would choke her dad and not hold accountable those that did it".