Chrome to start blocking ads on February 15

Google joined the Coalition for Better Ads, a group that offers specific standards for how the industry should improve ads for consumers - full-page ad interstitials, ads that unexpectedly play sound, and flashing ads are all banned.

After announcing in June that Google planned to start blocking ads in Chrome at some point in early 2018, ads that violate the Better Ads Standards, Google has updated us today with an official date.

Chrome to start blocking ads on February 15

On first reading, it appears that Google will start waging war on publishers around the internet who do not fall in line with the standard, but this may not, in fact, be the case.

The revelation follows a Monday reveal by the Coalition for Better Ads of guidelines for companies like Google to create better web browsing experiences.

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The hope is that Chrome's built-in ad blocker will stymie the usage of other third-party ad blockers that block all ads outright. When those annoying ads will be eliminated, the users will never have to install an ad blocker, which stops all ads from loading, thereby, crippling the ad businesses. The blocker will even purge Google's own ads through in new version of Chrome.

Sites will be able to appeal their status to Google after they change their advertising practices. Sites that do not resolve these issues within 30 days of being reported will have all ads blocked by Chrome, which will hopefully encourage online publishers to maintain a high standard of accessibility in choosing which types of ads they display. Google can also help you in their Ad Experience Report Help Forum. One can probably guess numerous types of ads that won't meet the guidelines: full-page interstitial ads, ads that play sound unexpectedly, and pop-ups, among others. Despite the fact that Google makes the vast majority of its revenue from ads, the company sees its selective ad blocker as the natural evolution of pop-up blockers.

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