Lebanon FM refuses to attend Arab summit on Iran

The minister said this contrasted with a Saudi meeting with the Arab League in Cairo, during which the kingdom demanded a hard line against Tehran.

Lebanese president Michel Aoun, a Hizbollah ally, said Lebanon can not accept suggestions that its government is a partner in acts of terrorism.

Arab League foreign ministers held an emergency meeting on Sunday to discuss ways to confront Iran and Hezbollah over their role in the region.

In a statement attributed to Iraqi Foreign Ministry spokesperson Ahmed Mahjoub, Baghdad said Monday the parts of the Arab League resolution that referred to Hezbollah as a terrorist organization were "inconsistent with the clear and absolute Iraqi position in defining terrorism realistically and accurately". "But it is not in total control".

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Riyadh is also involved in an increasingly intractable proxy war in Yemen, where millions have been affected by a Saudi-led blockade, and its affiliated factions have failed to topple President Bashar Assad in Syria.

Earlier, Saudi Arabia alleged Iran for supplying long range missiles to Houthi Ansarallah in Yemen, who had recently conducted attack on Riyadh airport.

While the Cairo meeting produced a display of unity, Saudi Arabia was largely preaching to the choir.

Hizbollah, which was formed by Iran's Revolutionary Guards and still receives financial and militarily assistance from Tehran, fought Israel's occupation of Lebanon in the early 1980s. Saudi Minister for Gulf Affairs Thamer al-Sabhan has warned the Lebanese they must choose "either peace, or to live within the political fold of Hezbollah".

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After resigning, Hariri spent two more weeks in Saudi Arabia amid rumours he was under de facto house arrest there, before travelling to Paris on Saturday. The League is notorious for passing resolutions and issuing communiques which are rarely acted upon.

He told the meeting, requested by Saudi Arabia, that current crises were triggered by repression, injustice, ignorance, terrorism, external interference, foreign agendas and expansionist ambitions in many Arab countries.

Lebanon was among the countries that voted in favour of the Arab League resolution, except for the points in which Hizbollah was mentioned. The town, on the Iraqi-Syrian border, was the last significant population center in Syria to be held by ISIS.

Netanyahu says he and Macron agreed to meet to "see if we can adopt similar approaches, as much as possible, concerning this threat and the nuclear agreement with Iran".

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