CNN fact-checks White House briefing in real time

She affirmed President Donald Trump's stance that there was "no collusion" between his campaign and Russian Federation. "That doesn't have anything to do with the campaign or the campaign's activities", she said.

Sanders later said Papadopoulos was a member of "a volunteer advisory council that meant one time over the course of a year".

The professor, the statement indicates, had "substantial connections to Russian government officials" even though Papadopoulos claimed the professor was "a nothing".

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MS. SANDERS: It was extremely limited; it was a volunteer position.

"There are no activities or official capacity in which the Trump campaign was engaged in any of these activities".

"How is it not collusion when George Papadopoulos is in contact with various people who are promising dirt on Hillary Clinton in a series of events that closely mirrors what occurred with the president's own son?" he asked.

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But "Trump's anger Monday was visible to those who interacted with him, and the mood in the corridors of the White House was one of weariness and fear of the unknown, "The Washington Post reports".

Earlier Monday, Trump's former campaign chairman Paul Manafort and Manafort's business associate turned themselves in to federal authorities after the pair was charged with 12 counts related to money laundering and other alleged crimes.

"The real collusion scandal, as we've said several times before, has everything to do with the Clinton campaign, Fusion GPS, and Russian Federation", she said.

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Tuesday's White House press briefing focused mainly on questions about Robert Mueller's ongoing investigation, which White House Chief of Staff John Kelly called "very distracting" to the president, according to The Hill. He said, "The walls are closing in" in the White House, and "everyone is freaking out".