More Than 30 Women Accuse Director James Toback of Sexual Harassment

Director and screenwriter James Toback is the latest Hollywood figure to be accused of sexual harassment and assault. Then, he'd rub himself against them or masturbate in front of them, ejaculating into his trousers or onto their bodies, then walk away, The Times reported.

Director James Toback - famous for films like "Two Girls and a Guy" - has been accused of sexual harassment by over 30 women. this in the wake of Weinstein. He most recently wrote and directed The Private Life of a Modern Woman starring Sienna Miller and Alec Baldwin.

Following the bombshell reports and accusations about producer Harvey Weinstein's abuse and harassment of women throughout his career, stories have come out on nearly a daily basis about men and women who have faced sexual harassment or abuse over the course of their time in Hollywood.

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Weeks after a wave of sexual harassment allegations against producer Harvey Weinstein began, actresses are still coming forward while male Hollywood powerhouses are attempting to make amends for what they knew. In 2000, a New York Times article called it a chronicle of "Mr. Toback's own exploits as a pickup artist"; a 1997 profile in the Los Angeles Times noted, presumably as a compliment, that "his own libido is so legendary that Spy magazine once published a fold-out chart of his conquests". They include Louise Post, guitarist and vocalist for the band Veruca Salt and Terri Conn from the television soap opera As the World Turns.

A cascade of accounts by women of sexual abuse has flooded social media under the hashtag #MeToo since a similar scandal surrounding movie mogul Harvey Weinstein erupted earlier this month. One woman referred to Toback's notorious tactics as being "Toback-ed", a term that is described as disturbingly common.

The way he presented it, it was like, "This is how things are done". "I felt like a prostitute, an utter disappointment to myself, my parents, my friends", LaValley added. "He always wanted me to read for him in a hotel or come back to his apartment, like, 'How serious are you about your craft?' And the terrible thing is, whichever road you choose, whether you sleep with him or walk away, you're still broken". Over several dinners, he asked her personal questions about her sex life, even though it made her uncomfortable. "And I deserved not to tell anyone".

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Gunn says that he tried to warn people about Toback.

Toback's alleged sexual behavior was far from secret.

"Toback took me to a hotel and paid $600 in cash at the front desk", she continued.

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