Michelle Williams to Star in 'Venom' Opposite Tom Hardy

The actress, who just this year received an Oscar nomination for her role in Manchester By The Sea, joins the film's uber talented cast with fellow Academy nominee Tom Hardy, and this year's Emmy victor Riz Ahmed.

EW has confirmed the actress is in talks for a role in the film, which stars Hardy as the eponymous character. According to the sources, she will possibly play Hardy's love interest in the Spider-Man spin-off. Sony declined to comment.

The tweet, along with a picture of 40-year-old Hardy wearing a Venom T-shirt, read: "Tom Hardy is Eddie Brock in #Venom, the upcoming film from Sony's Marvel Universe releasing October 5, 2018 - production starts this fall".

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Once signed on, Williams will also join recent Emmy award-winning The Night Of actor Riz Ahmed.

Venom now has a 3.88 out of 5 ComicBook.com User Anticipation Rating, making it the fourth most anticipated upcoming comic book movie among ComicBook.com users.

The "district attorney" description is reminscient of comic books' Ann Weying, a lawyer and ex-wife of Brock who at one point bonded with the symbiote to become She-Venom.

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A little confused? Sony owned the film rights to Spider-Man and all his related supporting characters since the early 2000s, but after the studio struck a deal with Marvel in 2015 allowing Marvel Studios to use him in the MCU, the webslinger became a little too booked by Marvel to become the focal point of a new cinematic universe - which Sony still meant to launch. Matt Tolmach and Avi Arad will produce.

Venom made his first appearance on the big screen in Sam Raimis "Spider-Man 3" and was played by actor Topher Grace.

The Venom movie is said to be a gritty, horror-inspired take on the Marvel anti-hero.

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