Microsoft Surface devices fail on reliability

Due to these issues throughout the year, Consumer Reports has today withdrawn all Microsoft Surface devices from their "recommended" status for devices.

Consumer Reports predicts that 25% of Microsoft tablets and laptops will have problems within two years.

Some survey respondents said they experienced problems with their devices during startup while others commented that their systems froze or shut down unexpectedly.

Microsoft said in a statement that it doesn't "believe these findings accurately reflect Surface owners' true experiences".

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In addition, the choice to omit a Thunderbolt 3 from the Surface Pro would be regarded as a awful move from Microsoft because apart from the spec bump, there was nothing different being marketed about the 2-in-1.

We can't say we've personally observed any problems, but that's what makes data sets like Consumer Reports' so useful.

What's hugely important to point out here is that Consumer Reports' retraction of its recommendation appears entirely dependent upon subscriber survey answers. The company's best bet would likely be to mass survey its customers itself and counter with its own findings if they happen to be any better.

Microsoft also pointed out that the Surface Pro, for example, received high performance and versatility marks in Consumer Reports' laptop lab evaluations.

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Microsoft is new to the hardware business and has generally been met with favorable reviews of its laptops from consumers and pundits in the industry.

This motion includes both the brand new Surface Pro and Surface Laptop devices launched mere months ago.

Microsoft disputed the study, saying the company's return and support rates differ significantly from the Consumer Reports study. There are millions of these folks, and many of them supply us with information on hundreds of thousands of individual products, including everything from pickup trucks to washing machines. It appears that they have briefed a few news outlets, and Microsoft, ahead of publication.

This week, however, the magazine changed its mind, pulling its recommendation for the Microsoft Surface Laptop (128 GB and 256 GB versions) and the Microsoft Surface Book (128 GB and 512 GB versions).

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