Majority of Voters Says Democratic Party Stands for Nothing - Except Opposing Trump

There's also little difference between potential new midterm voters - those who say they'll vote in 2018, but didn't in 2014 - and off-year veterans.

Democrats have pointed to a rise in activism since Trump took office, but the poll says that despite that "a surge in anti-Trump protests does not appear to have translated into heightened Democratic voter enthusiasm".

Trump's low approval rating, which dropped to 36 percent from 42 percent in April, could also be significant if it fails to improve in the next year.

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And then there is history: The party holding the White House, with few exceptions in the modern era, has tended to lose congressional seats in midterm elections. The rest split closely between saying they'd vote to support Trump (20 percent) or to oppose him (24 percent), a non-significant gap. Independents, for their part, are most likely to say Trump won't be a factor in their vote, 62 percent; among the rest slightly more are in opposition than in support, 22 vs. 13 percent.

When Senate Democrats in 2013 drastically weakened the ability to filibuster presidential nominees, it seemed like they were creating a glidepath for a president whose party controlled the Senate to speed through confirmations.

Trump has enjoyed widespread support in these counties for his willingness to negotiate with American companies on an individual basis to prevent the firms from outsourcing jobs overseas. Just over half of voters say Trump will not be a factor in their votes.

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The poll, conducted from July 13 to 15, found that 81 percent of Democrats rank a Trump-Russia probe well ahead of a number of national priorities, perhaps suggesting the nearly six-month-old administration has further distracted the public from serious problems.

A new poll from The Washington Post/ABC News should serve as an early warning for the Democratic party intent on taking back the House and Senate. The poll had a margin error of plus or minus 4 percentage points.

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