A new round of Brexit negotiations begins; questions over severance remain

Britain and the European Union (EU) launched a new round of Brexit negotiations on Monday as UK Brexit Secretary David Davis will meet with EU's chief negotiator Michel Barnier for four days of talks to settle "divorce" terms.

Britain and the European Union (EU) launch a new round of Brexit negotiations here on Monday as conflicting views on "divorce" terms cast shadow on the resumption of talks and a feasible deal seems rather hard to reach for now.

A picture of Mr Davis sitting opposite Mr Barnier as the negotiations got under way caused a bit of a stir, with the Brexit Secretary having no notes or papers in front of him.

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As doubt for and objection to Brexit continue, progress favorable to those in support of the breaking away has been made, creating a silver lining for the closely watched second round of talks. We'll now delve into the heart of the matter. "We need to examine and compare our respective positions in order to make good progress".

The Brexit secretary said he would be "getting into the real substance" of the separation but he might end up speaking more about unity after the chancellor, Philip Hammond, complained on Sunday that he was being briefed against by fellow ministers opposed to his pro-business approach. "It's a mess. Nobody would want to see them like this", said one European diplomat handling Brexit.

That we negotiate through this and identify the differences, so that we can deal with them, and identify the similarities so that we can move forward.

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Negotiators will focus their talks on key issues, with Britain's exit bill as the core.

David Davis, the UK's Brexit minister, took a break from cabinet infighting on Monday to make a lightning trip to Brussels, albeit one mainly notable for an awkward photo opportunity.

Mr Davis arrived at the EU Commission's headquarters at around 9.15am and immediately held a joint press conference with Mr Barnier, at which the pair read pre-prepared statements. The EU remains uncertain about whether British negotiators will be able to conclude an agreement, amid deep political divides in the government on Brexit.

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Mr Davis, whose allies claim 30 Tory MPs are ready to back him if he runs for the leadership, has said his priority for this week's talks is citizens' rights, with a new push to lift uncertainty for the three million European Union citizens living in the United Kingdom and one million Britons living in the EU.