See How Tech Companies Got Together for a Day of Online Protest

That's why on Wednesday, many of these services are planning an online protest called the "Day of Action". She claims Pai's argument is specious and that his proposal to repeal net neutrality, the 218-page "Restoring Internet Freedom", would tip the scales in favor of the country's largest telecom companies. Your favorite sites are all in on the action, including Google, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Spotify and more, and if you like the internet just the way it is, you'll want to get in on it as well. We'll have to keep an eye out to see if the net neutrality rules are altered post-Brexit, Mr Johnson-Williams added.

ISPs have argued that Washington is hyper-focused on them as gatekeepers, while keeping a hands-off approach on edge providers as though they were still struggling garage-innovators, rather than behemoths with staggering valuations and market power.

Of course, AT&T doesn't actually agree with the aim of the protest - to support the 2015 regulation that the FCC wants to overturn now that Republicans are in charge. Much of the flourishing of activism and resistance we've seen in response to the Trump administration-from marches that started as Facebook events to personal health care stories that were read and shared by thousands of strangers-would have looked very different without the free and open Internet.

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'Title II is a source of authority to impose enforceable net neutrality rules.

Evan Greer, campaign director of Fight For the Future, the not-for-profit group organizing the day of action, said the protest came at a critical moment for the internet. Disclosing reams of consumer input will offer insight into how net neutrality has functioned.

Companies are coming together today for the Day of Action to Save Net Neutrality to stress the importance of keeping the Internet open, fast and accessible to all. In April of this year, Pai announced a proposal that would reverse the Title II classification of Internet service providers, removing regulations on big companies like Comcast and Verizon.

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Net neutrality is a term coined in 2003 to describe the principle that internet service providers (ISPs) should treat all of the data they are providing to customers equally, and not to use their own infrastructure to block out competitors. People across the country will head to their representatives' offices tonight to demand they stand strong for net neutrality.

While pirates may have helped to get the ball rolling, they're no longer a player in the current net neutrality debate.

Another slowdown in 2014 took place to highlight net neutrality issues.

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AT&T Inc. can also join this list, having a history of violating Internet protections and lobbying against the free and open Internet fought for in the past. The public will have until mid-August to send comments to the FCC before the final vote.