Good Samaritans Form Human Chain To Save Family From Rip Current

In an extraordinary rescue op on the shores of Panama city in Florida, beachgoers formed an 80-person human chain to rescue a drowning family that ventured out deep into the ocean.

Roberta Ursrey was enjoying the sun at Panama City Beach with her husband, mother, two sons, and nephews on Saturday afternoon.

Noticing what was happening, the boys' mother, Roberta Ursrey, and her husband, nephews, mother and two daughters tried to swim out and rescue them.

"I automatically thought they had seen a shark", Simmons said. Ursrey and other family members ran into the water to help the boys but they also got stuck in the rip current.

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Jessica Simmons, who had spotted the family in trouble while relaxing on the beach with her husband, then worked her way to the end of the chain in a bid to rescue the family.

"She kept telling us to let her go and save ourselves", Jessica Simmons said.

Jessica Simmons and her husband noticed the police vehicle, flashing lights and bobbing heads crying for help in the distance. "After 15 mins of me pulling them towards the human chain, the group of people PULLED him to shore like a chain", Simmons recounted on Facebook. Ursey referred to those fearless men and women on the beach that pulled them out as "God's angels". Jessica said that all nine people who were drowning were thankfully saved by the efforts of nearly 80 strangers.

Rip currents are particularly risky because they are hard to identify and if you are caught in one it drags you away from the beach.

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However, no mother can watch her children drown, so Ursrey began to swim out to her boys along with other members of her family, including her mother. The human chain got longer and longer in just a few minutes and Simmons and his wife were able to reach the group.

Most of those who saw the struggling family felt powerless to help them - as it looked like they were too far out to sea to help. "These people were God's angels that were in the right place at the right time".

While forming the human every beachgoer wanted to save the family, so started helping, eventually 80 people were involved in the human chain, and started helping to save the family. Jessica's quick thinking saved Ursrey families, when she saw the family drowning, Jessica quickly realized that the Ursrey family is drowning in the current.

The other swimmer who was transported to the hospital remains in critical condition but is improving.

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Rosalind Beckton, 38, was at the beach with her 12-year-old son and caught the rescue effort on camera.