Soy growers oppose rollback of Cuba normalization policy

President Donald Trump announced new restrictions Friday limiting US citizens' ability to travel to and do business in Cuba, moving to roll back his predecessor's historic rapprochement and drawing a rare rebuke from the nation's largest business lobbying group.

Marco Rubio, who helped craft the new policy, continues to sell it, with an op/ed in the Miami Herald, co-authored by Sen. The reasons for Trump's return to embargo may be more domestic than global politics, as the Cuban emigre lobby is a powerful one in the Republican party, including notable figures like Marco Rubio.

President Donald Trump's Friday announcement on reinstating limits on travel to and business with Cuba may result in lost economic opportunities for corporations, small businesses, and farmers.

In contentious deliberations leading up to the new policy, some aides argued that Trump, a former real estate magnate who won the presidency vowing to unleash USA business, would have a hard time defending any moves that close off the Cuban market.

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But the very same citizen to citizen diplomacy likely to be limited by the new rules has persuaded me that Cubans and Americans are more alike than they are different.

Donald Trump claims to want an end to the Castro regime and to encourage democratization in Cuba.

A recent Morning Consult poll found that 65 percent of Americans support keeping the policy changes put in place since the rapprochement between the United States and Cuba began on December 17, 2014. The new policy will keep USA companies from doing direct financial transactions with companies controlled by the Cuban military.

On the other hand, Trump did not close down the US embassy in Havana, which Obama re-established in 2015, nor did he cancel USA flights and cruises to Cuba.

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The Cuban Commission for Human Rights and National Reconciliation - an independent group that lacks authorization and is considered illegal by the government - received more than 7,900 reports of arbitrary detentions from January through August past year, according to Human Rights Watch.

Restrictions on American agricultural and telecommunications equipment to Cuba were eased, and it became much easier for Americans to travel to Cuba as regular air travel between the countries was restored. As part of Trump's move, the U.S. State Department will create a list of Cuban entities with military ties so U.S. travelers know the establishments they are now expected to avoid.

We could also reproach them for their government's abuse of taxpayers' money which is spent freely to attack and intervene in other countries, where millions of innocent people die and also a lot of young USA soldiers who don't know why they go to these wars. He has already pulled the United States out of a major global climate treaty and is trying to scrap his predecessor's landmark healthcare program.

Instead, the US President, who has been once again ill-advised, is taking decisions that favor the political interests of an irrational minority of Cuban origin in the state of Florida which, out of petty motivations, does not give up its intent to punish Cuba and its people for exercising the legitimate and sovereign right of being free and having taken the reins of their own destiny. "We will stop looking to topple regimes and overthrow governments".

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The Castro regime hit back at the criticism, calling Trump's decisions "ill-advised" and charging that the United States was in no position to preach to others about human rights. "The American people should be able to exercise their fundamental right to travel without political interference from the federal government".

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    America severed ties with Cuba in 1961, shortly after Fidel Castro launched a revolution that toppled a US -friendly government. Any additional restrictions on travel "will go over like a lead balloon, and it should", Flake said in an interview on Monday.
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