Trump is considering rolling back Obama's new policies with Cuba

A new report from the Engage Cuba Louisiana State Council says the reversal of former President Barack Obama's Cuba policies would cost the US economy $6.6 billion and 12,295 jobs over the next four years-and that's not counting the hit USA agriculture would take.

President Trump is looking to reward anti-Castro Republican-based Cuban-Americans for their support by reversing numerous Obama administration's Cuba policies that relaxed travel bans and financial opportunities.

The proposed changes would increase regulations that would make it more hard for corporations to make deals with Cuba and for Americans to continue to travel to the country.

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Possible changes to the countries' relationship include establishing regulations for businesses interested in working in the Cuban market; redefining the what it means to be a part of the Cuban government or military - which could affect business operations because most contracts are made with the government; reinstating caps or outright banning imports from the country; and reconfirming the licensing structure that would rescind the system that has allowed for easier travel to the country.

President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro initiated the process in 2014, overturning decades of diplomatic hostility, economic and business restrictions, and constraints on travel between the two countries that had its roots in the Cold War. "The idea was this people-to-people contact would open up the Cuban economy and eventually provide for a more democratic Cuba". Currently, seven major American airline companies operate in Cuba.

The states that would be hit hardest by a Cuba roll back are those with deep water ports and those close to Cuba, including Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi.

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The memo is signed by a number of business and travel groups, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's United States-Cuba Business Council, the American Society of Travel Agents and Cuba Educational Travel. Obama's policies opened up both trade and travel with the island.

"How sadly ironic and short-sighted it would be if, soon after singing the praises of the repressive leaders of Russia, Egypt, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, President Trump were to return to a failed 55-year-old policy of sanctions and ultimatums against tiny Cuba", Democratic Sen.

According to anonymous sources within Trump's administration to the New York Times, a decision on reversing these policies have not yet been set due to internal disagreements on how much one of President Obama's most significant foreign policy should be eliminated.

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Mr. Trump wants to announce the changes in Miami as early as June and deliver on a campaign promise that remains a cherished demand for the politically conservative Cuban-American exile community, according to aides who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

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