Trump attacks conservative lawmakers over health bill

Freedom Caucus members bridled at the criticism, insisting they had done Trump and fellow Republicans a favor by blocking a piece of legislation that polled poorly and embraced the basic structures of Obamacare without significantly reducing premiums. When Trump was drawing up his list of potential Supreme Court nominees a year ago, he said he was relying on guidance from Heritage and from the Federalist Society, an influential conservative legal group.

Republican Representative Mark Meadows, chairman of the Freedom Caucus, said on Sunday he was optimistic on tax reform. "We Democrats, provided our Republican colleagues drop "replace" and stop undermining the ACA, are willing to work with our Republican friends... to improve Obamacare".

But Emanuel said in an interview that there was no discernible change in the legislation as a result of the meetings. "That loss isn't on the President it isn't on Paul Ryan and it is on the Area 51 sub-caucus of the Freedom Caucus, which believes in legislative flying saucers, " spat Republican radio host Hugh Hewitt. Some very choice words made by White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon regarding the Freedom Caucus to the mainstream media cast serious doubt on the likelihood of an alliance forming between limited government advocates and the White House.

"I think there has been a lot of flexibility in terms of some of my contacts and conservatives in terms of not making it totally offset".

White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney said the Trump White House wondered how a Republican Congress and president could not come together. He said Friday "there were things in this bill that I didn't particularly like" and, for the first time, suggested that he would support a bipartisan health care measure. And Democrats could abandon the effort if Republicans press too hard for the border wall or lard in too much extra money for the Pentagon, raising the specter of a shutdown showdown not far away. The Republican bill had mandated that nearly everyone have health insurance with a system of age-based tax credits to purchase health insurance.

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President Donald Trump talks about the health care overhaul bill, Friday, March 24, 2017, in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington.

In a Twitter message, the USA president not only faulted the hardline Freedom Caucus and two other influential conservative groups for the stunning setback, he suggested they had weakened efforts to curb abortions, a touchstone conservative cause. "We may be in overtime, but I can tell you at the very end of the day, the most valuable player will be President Trump on this because he will deliver".

Mr. Poe's resignation comes hours after Mr. Trump tweeted that the Freedom Caucus, along with cash-flush conservative groups that share its hard-line ideological views, "have saved Planned Parenthood" and Obamacare by opposing the bill.

"I feel like they've ostracized themselves like they haven't ever done before", the aide told CNN.

"My point is that the Trump tax plan and the House Republican plan started at 80 percent the same". He also said that the measure would include a middle-class tax cut that he said might help to attract votes from moderate Democrats.

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It was an early critic of the Trump candidacy, branding him a "big-government liberal" and calling him "the worst kind of politician, who'll say anything to get elected".

And the decision to proceed with an overhaul of the health-care system through the arcane reconciliation process - which would not require any Democratic votes in order for the bill to become law - might have already sealed his fate on that issue. We always said we'd work with them to improve it. This was considered a major setback for US President Donald Trump, as this was one of his major poll promises. "That's going to require some answers from the Freedom Caucus", said GOP Rep. Ryan Costello of Pennsylvania.

"This is not on President Trump, " Pirro said.

"Tax reform and lowering taxes, you know, will create and generate more income", said Meadows.

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