'Nobody Knew That Health Care Could Be So Complicated'

While acknowledging its problems (unreliable website, massive deductibles), Oliver went through all the positives: "It made it illegal to deny people coverage because of pre-existing conditions", he said. "They're basically going to fix the flaws and put a more conservative box around it".

Republicans have long dismissed former President Barack Obama's signature achievement - Obamacare - as unaffordable and unfair to patients, increasing premiums and deductibles while patients lose their doctors and their health insurance plans.

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"[The replacement plan] would do away with the Affordable Care Act's requirement that all Americans have health coverage or pay a fine, and replace it with rules that let people choose not to buy insurance, instead paying higher premiums or penalties if they need it later", reports the Boston Globe. Despite enormous Democratic majorities (295-140 in the House and 68-32 in the Senate) President Lyndon Johnson's ability to pass legislation began to erode even before the historic 89th Congress ended. But the clock is ticking, and pressure on them is increasing.

With the above five in mind, it's worth remembering that President Trump promised something grand on the campaign trail.

According to the Republican outline, Medicaid would be revamped to give states either block grants or per-capita grants, as opposed to the federal government's paying a percentage of the total cost. Reporter: It's extraordinary. The white house only released six names of people that would be in the first lady's box fully half of them, three are people who family members have been killed by undocumented immigrants, clearly that's going to be a major theme, tough border enforcement.

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"It's amusing", Oliver said, pretending to laugh along with the audience, "because the president lies to us all the time with no repercussions". Trump, Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, and congressional leaders are trying to figure out how to fulfill their pledge of repealing the law, which extended health insurance to about 20 million people, and designing a replacement.

Democrats in the House and Senate must stay united and not give Republicans any help on health care. Then that opportunity came, but they still couldn't agree on the "replace" part, so they suggested something called repeal-and-delay: repeal Obamacare now, and work on a replacement plan later. "It also comes down to a plan that doesn't reduce the cost of healthcare".

The first step also could enact some elements of a new system, such as expanded health savings accounts popular with many Republicans, GOP aides and lawmakers said.

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Medicaid, which covers more than 70 million people, now is states' second-largest expense.

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