Fox News claims Swedish unknown Nils Bildt is 'national security advisor'

According to a translation of an article in the Swedish outlet Göteborgs-Posten, the press secretary of the Swedish Armed Forces has said that they "do not know who [Bildt] is", and that he is "definitely not a spokesman for the Armed Forces".

Fox News's coverage of Sweden has become a subject of debate over the past week, after President Trump referred to "what's happening" in the country during a rally in Florida last weekend.

"We have no spokesman by that name", Marie Pisäter of the Ministry of Defense told the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

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Nils Bildt said it was his professional opinion that crime was running rampant in Sweden because of an influx in migration. "We don't want to feel uncomfortable, so we expose ourselves to select information so we feel good about ourselves", says Clare Wadel, research director at First Draft, a nonprofit that advocates for truth in the digital sphere. "You can not have an honest open debate in Sweden about immigration because if you don't agree with the liberal, shall we say, common agenda then you are viewed as an outsider and not even taken seriously". Bildt was born in Sweden, the son of Sven Tolling, who is apparently well-known in equestrian circles. How he came to be presented by Fox News as an expert in a segment broadcast on Thursday night remains a mystery - as does why he changed his name from Tolling to Bildt after he emigrated the United States. Dagens Nyheter reported that he had served time in prison, according to The Washington Post, which Bildt denied. He also has a criminal record.

Nils Bildt/Tolling told Dagens Nyheter that he had not chosen the title Fox News gave him in the interview himself. The newspaper also cites documents from Arlington General District Court in the USA state of Virginia suggesting that Bildt was arrested in the U.S. for assaulting a law enforcement official, public inebriation, and obstruction of justice. He was sentenced to 12 months in prison, partly suspended.

Bildt, however, disputes serving time in jail.

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In what will now be must-see TV, Fox News said O'Reilly would address the matter on his Monday show - which you can be sure will receive far less attention than initial reports that Bildt is an impostor. "I had no personal control over what title they chose", Bildt wrote.

American television station Fox News says that it was recommended the unknown Nils Bildt for an interview on immigration and integration in Sweden.

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