Jets owner Woody Johnson is Trump's pick as ambassador to the UK

The announcement came during a luncheon in Washington D.C., and Trump's transition team later confirmed the news to NBC.

In a speech today, Trump referenced that Johnson was "going to St. James".

Johnson was rumored for some time to be the top pick for the plum ambassadorship to the United Kingdom, one of the US's foremost allies.

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During the republican primary, Johnson served as finance chairman for Jeb Bush - a fact that Trump pointed out with glee as Bush's candidacy faltered. It may also mean that Johnson steps down from the three National Football League committees that he's a member of: the media committee; business ventures; and the finance committee.

Top donors, fundraisers and bundlers for successful presidential candidates have frequently snagged coveted posts as United States ambassadors around the world.

The move likely means that Johnson will relinquish day-to-day control of the Jets and that his younger brother, Chris Johnson, will take the reigns of the organization.

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Pittsburgh Steelers' Dan Rooner was ambassador to Ireland between 2009 and 2012.

Johnson, 69, has an extensive record as a Republican political fundraiser, and previous year he was named a co-leader of Trump's national fundraising team.

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